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Highly motivated, passionate, and client-driven, Kris Rose is an award-winning Realtor who aims to make real estate fun, inviting, and seamless for everyone involved. As a self-made house flipper, entrepreneur, and active real estate investor, Kris has cultivated a deep understanding of the buying, selling, negotiating, and marketing processes, which has shaped him to become the top 1% of all selling agents in the GTA and Ontario locations.   Born and raised in Brampton by his adoptive parents, Kris Rose has always had a rooted admiration for helping others succeed. He had commitment, resilience, and a devoted work ethic instilled in him since he was young, and those core principles are what led him to become the leading Realtor he is today. Upon leaving home at age 17, Kris attended business school, where he took a keen ardency in Entrepeneurship and house flipping. In fact, he became so well established in that industry that he became a student house owner at Brock University, owning 5 locations and renting out to over 40 students by the age of 21.   Though Kris was able to produce income with years of experience in student housing operation, he decided to sell it all and move to Toronto, where his ignited fire for real estate began in full force. Throughout his career, Kris not only launched a commercial retail store in Montreal, but he also traveled to 43 countries and worked/lived in 5 of them as a condo and housing marketing professional. During this time, Kris fostered a profound understanding of the intense housing and condo market, which became the catalyst for his admiration for diving into this area of real estate even more.    Fast forward to today, Kris has built several homes in surrounding areas, such as Alliston, Mono, and did so without the need of any General Contrctors involved. He is also a diligent property investor in both Blue Mountain and Collingwood and has developed vast knowledge on all aspects involved in real estate processes to orchestrate a successful transaction. But above all, Kris has dedicated himself to not only being an agent, but also a mentor, consultant, and friend along the way. His goal is to empower his clients with in-depth information and insight so they can make the best decision for themselves and their futures.   Nothing makes Kris happier than putting buyers into their dream homes and obtaining top dollar for every seller listing. Whether it be land acquisition, commercial, building construction, residential condos, to homes, he has a true ardency for his career, values integrity and trust, and is always putting his clients first. He illuminates this devotion by delivering transparent, professional, and qualified services and strives to make win-win scenarios for every situation. This, along with his focus on achieving nothing but success, high-end problem-solving expertise, and mission to provide smooth experiences for his clients, you can solidify your confidence that your real estate needs are in the best hands from start to finish.   Though Kris loves what he does and is always advancing himself professionally to better serve his clients, when he is not working, you can find him out fishing salmon, chainsaw carving, playing hockey, and decorating his various Airbnb rental units.  

Education: Orea Home builder Licensed septic installer Helicopter trained pilot

Specialty: residential, land, condos, planning, investing, land speculating, flipping, land deals, developments,

Experience: 5

Awards: RE/MAX platinum 2019-2020 RE/MAX Hall of Fame

Area Covered: Collingwood, Toronto, Hamilton, St Catharines, Mono, Caledon, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Milton, Blue Mountain, mono, amaranth, Shelburne, Melanchton, Clearview, Shelburne, Brampton, Wasaga

Languages Spoken: English


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